1. I showed my DH Suhali Lockit in Verone and Black and he told me it's "too expensive for a purse". Meaning, dream on! Well, he must be a good liar because he surprised me with a black one for my birthday. :yahoo: I was completely stunned by his gesture. Needless to say, I am so excited![​IMG]
  2. oh my, congrats, the lockit looks stunning
  3. That is too sweet!! Congrats on your new's gorgeous!!
  4. i'm jealous lol :p that's a TERRIFIC bag!!

    hmm one question which wallet do u think will go with this bag :smile:. hehe i'm itchy to get the suhali lockit pm too and so i'll love to hear from suhali lockit owners.
  5. *Jaw drops* Such a gorgeous bag and what a sweet surprise :smile: Happy Birthday --- what an awesome gift to get for a surprise birthday!! Enjoy!
  6. Congratulations.
  7. It is just FAb.. I can't wait until I am able to get one. Enjoy your bag.:woohoo:
  8. Extremely classy. Love it! What a sweet husband to do that for you.
  9. THUD! Can your DH provide other clueless DH's abt gift giving etiquette? Although mine did buy me an epi alma as my early xmas gift--he thought THAT one was ridiculously priced. He doesn't understand, poor man. Anyhoo, that bag is stunning. How much do you have to baby the goat leather? I would actually think it would be more durable (like H's chevre leather). Congrats!!!

  10. Woah SO gorgous! Congrats! Happy birthday!
  11. Congrats, how sweet of him! The bag is BEAUTIFUL!
  12. ohhh i wish my dh would suprise me one too for xmas :smile:
  13. It's so beautiful! Congrats!
  14. That's so thoughtful of him! Congrats it's pretty :smile:
  15. aww, that's so sweet! congrats, it's lovely!