Surprise Shoes!

  1. After work, I called Jimmy Choo to order a shoe I've had my eye on...only to hear that the last pair in the US was sold only a few hours prior

    I came home and went to the closet to change only to find



    the last pair was purchased by my so!:yahoo:
  2. :smile:aaaww that was sweet...enjoy em
  3. Congrats! It must feel so great that you have the last pair... Enjoy wearing them!
  4. OMG! That is such a cute story! What a great pair of shoes! Congrats!
  5. They look great!!!
    What a nice suprise!!!
  6. How fantastic! My BF does that all the time, and it NEVER gets old. :nogood: :tup:

    FAB shoes, fantastic toe cleavage! Thanks for sharing!
  7. omg! that is so awesome! I love the shoes!

    I wish my boyfriend would buy me shoes, but he doesn't even know who Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin, or Manolo Blahnik are. :sad: Heck, I don't think he knows what Versace is!
  8. Aw, that's sweet :smile: They look wonderful on you.

    My boyfriend antagonizes me about my Burberry trench ($895, got it as a grad present), but then I catch him ogling the coats on the Burberry site, dreaming for the day he can get a Brioni leather jacket like my dad's, or his first pair of designer jeans :lol:

    I'm teaching him well about designer goods :smile:

    My pair of surprise shoes were my Graffiti Louboutin flats. Mom and I went to Neiman Marcus, and as soon as she saw them, she knew they were me. Of course, she also had to think of how to justify a pair of $595 shoes for me :lol:. Luckily, they became my single, super-special birthday present.

    Speaking of Choo, my mom won a pair in a raffle at my dad's Place-of-Work Christmas party. They're these beautiful slingbacks with swarovski crystals, but as we are two sizes apart, I can only dream :sad:.
  9. That's a cute story :smile:

    My SO surprised me with my first pair of Manolos (which were my first pair of designer shoes at the time). I kept trying them on every time we saw them in store but I couldn't justify spending the $. Sunday morning he got up early to "go for a jog", and came back with my shoes. :love:
  10. That is such a sweet thing for your SO to do!! :tender:

    Those are a great pair of choos! I had seen those at the boutique, but had not tried them on. It's amazing how shoes look so different on. They are gorgeous!
  11. How sweet of him! you are very lucky! :biggrin:
  12. what a fantastic hubby.... nice toe cleavage too !! :smile:
  13. What a nice boyfriend. If you ever get tired of him.........send him my way :smile:
  14. ^^ I second that! My DH cringes when he sees designer brands!!
  15. That is called true love... :yes: Beautiful shoes.:smile: