surprise purchase at Dillard's and a question/rant

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  1. I was out attempting to shop for my RAOK buddy last night when I remembered Dillard's had some stuff marked down. They didn't have much left (a black Bleecker Duffle, some Holiday and Fall Patchwork pouches and a black Sig pouch) but I did manage to find SOMETHING.

    (sorry the pictures aren't the best, I can't manage a camera this early haha)



    Chelsea Signature Braided Flap!

    My boyfriend actually talked me into's my first black Coach bag and i've been wanting a flap for a few months now. I couldn't justify paying full price for a black bag since I wear more brown, but I couldn't pass this up! It retails for $298 and I got it for under $160! :tup: The best part? My boyfriend said he would pay me back IN FULL for it since he talked me into it :yahoo::love: Now I just need something colorful to decorate her with!

    I also picked up something for my RAOK buddy, but I can't tell.:sweatdrop:

    Now...I was looking at my collection yesterday and realized I have way too much khaki signature. Does anyone else feel this way? I have a pretty diverse collection as far as styles go, but 3 of my 5 bags are khaki sig. I even considered the thought of selling my Carly, as I sometimes find her way too heavy for my liking.:sad: I know for certain that i'm going to part with a wallet that I never use, but I don't know if I can sell off any of my bags.:crybaby:
  2. i have way too much black sig! hamptons swingpack, medium carly, and soon bleeker wristlet. this is 1/3 of my coach collection!
  3. I am the opposite, I really want to add some signature to my collection. The only signature I own at the moment is a couple pair of sneakers and a pink agenda, no actual bags.

    That new black bag is very cute!
  4. Grats on the braided flap, I love mine!
  5. I'm the opposite...I have too Scribble?? Yup. I really need to buy a black bag, but can't force myself to do it...::sighs::
  6. Very pretty! Congrats!
  7. Very nice!! Is this the larger one? My Dillards had chocolate as well! Wear it well!!
  8. congrats, cute! :tup: I only have 4 bags right now (2 aren't even here yet) and 3 of the 4 are khaki sig! I just love the looks of it.. granted 1 of those will be my swingpack, but still. :s
  9. this is cute!
    and the fact that you bf is paying for it makes it better. :p

    we don't have a dillard's here.
    in fact, on this forum is the first time i'd even heard of one!
    but maybe i'm just sheltered. :shame:
  10. I got that exact bag on Wednesday! With the sale, I also picked up the fall patchwork wristlet.
  11. UPDATE!

    I used this bag today when I was grocery shopping with my mom and it was SO comfortable to carry! I almost forgot how cozy a bag could be (with my Carly that likes to slide off of my shoulder and such). I was skeptical about this bag at first last night, but now i'm in love! I see another flap in my future. :love:
  12. Congrats on the flap! I'm so glad that you love it!!
  13. i got the same one in chocolate...gah! i love sales