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Surprise package!

May 10, 2010
OMG!!! That is awesome! I have a package set to be delivered to me from Tory Burch on Tuesday and I didn't order anything either! I can't wait to see what it is. When the fragrance line was launched, I received a gift of a scented candle, so I thought this might be a similar "gift". Won't get my hopes up, but WOW, way to go Tory Burch!!
Apr 25, 2011
That is an Awesome Gift!! Wow A Purse and Gift Card!! You can't beat that!! I always like to see the range of the gifts they send out - do you mind sharing the amount of the gift card?

Also, do they change each year the way they send out the gift cards? 3 years ago they sent it by mail, last year it was via e-mail and the year it was by mail again!!

Thanks for sharing!!


Sep 25, 2007
My purchases are made almost exclusively online. I don't live near a store. Sometimes if I'm traveling I'll check out the merchandise in person but I still usually wait to order online, especially during sales events and when there is free shipping/free returns.
May 10, 2010
I'm so excited! I received the surprise gift (Robinson Double Zip satchel in black) and the gift card. I have to say, Tory Burch really went above and beyond my wildest expectations regarding showing thanks to loyal customers. While other brands are making changes to alienate their best customers, Tory Burch is clearly taking measures to ensure continued brand loyalty. They have locked me in! Can't wait to shop TB again!