Surprise on the desk

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  1. So...came home to this little guy hanging out on my desk...what could it be
    cdc box.jpg
  2. Those teeny weeny boxes are just so cute
  3. Hmm...

    cdc box2.jpg
  4. are its initals TS SR?
  5. Go Foxie... we wanna see
  6. Let's just slip the cover off and find out

  7. oh FP, how exciting! Is this from your secret admirer?:graucho:
  8. i want an H surprise on my desk too!!! i need a desk first though! LOL congrats!!!!
  9. Rouge H Collier de Chien chamonix? I think it this chamonix just like my other bracelet but the back color confused me a little...was it box or chamonix that has the back color matching the front?
  10. WOW - a much bigger weeny box than I thought.... I was backing a scarf ring :upsidedown:

    Congrats Foxie.
  11. Congratulations! I love it! [​IMG]
  12. Yay for Orange surprises!
  13. Wow!!!!! i thought it was a teeny weeny box, too....

    this is great!! congratulations!!!
  14. Thanks! Now for a group shot with its relatives


    cdc groups.jpg
  15. BEAUTIFUL !!!