surprise!!! my very first SO bag.....

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  1. i got a huge surprise package from my mom in japan....

    the note said that she wanted to see my happy face:P.... and she was sorry that she's so faraway and can't come here to help me with my children (she hasn't seen her new grandson - since my grandpa passed away right before my baby#2 was born and now my grandma is in the hospital, so she's super busy taking care of her ... i'm in the US, btw)

    i opened the box and saw the huge LV box.... made me :crybaby:of happiness!

    i called her right after and she told me that she SOed it before i gave birth and it took over 3 months!!! WOW..... never thought i'd own SO bag...

    i took the pics w/ my iPhone, i was in the hurry --- my DD was screaming for "MOMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYY!!!!", i was right in the middle of doing laundry and took all the bedding off then gave my DS a bath.... he passed out while i was dressing him.... so my pics aren't great but i had to post pics before i went to sleep!! i gotta get up early to go to work....but hey, i'm too excited!

    thank you guys for letting me share the joy~:heart:

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  2. hehehe.... i have more pics~:heart:

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  3. i used manhattan GM today....and everything i had in there fit nicely!

    this bag was SOed and purchased in japan, but it's made in Spain!:P

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  4. Chie:heart: I love it! Congrats sweetie ~ you sure deserve it!:hugs:

    And look how Liam has grown ~ sooo adorable!

    btw, I miss you around here:winkiss:

    Hugs and kisses to Sweet Sophia too!

  5. awwwww~ thank you hot sweetpurple mama!!!!!

    miss you too~ i can hardly sit down lately!!! lol
  6. OMG!!! I love love love it!!! Congrats!!
  7. Congrats Sophia and Thanks:flowers: for sharing with us! That was so sweet of your mom:tender:! And your baby is sooo adorable...he looks like he could almost fit in your new bag:P.
  8. Sophia, this is one gorgeous SO bag!! Your mom was so thoughtful for doing this for you. Congrats and enjoy your new LV! BTW, your baby is soooooo adorable.
  9. your son and the bag is beautiful!! congrats hun!
  10. wow, that's so sweet of her! it's lovely!
  11. Stunning! Congrats!!
  12. thank you beljwl!!!

    i love love love it too~ now.... lol

    when i opened it though, first i thought to myself ---- is this super new style bag??? what is this??!!!

    it looked familiar, but never thought....SO?!!! wowza, my mom did good! she sent me both mono and damier Sophies AND LE pearle cles too....

    she NEVER buys any LVs for herself though.... she also got me damier tango and white MC PTC and plat (small coin case)... wow!

    i send her lesportsac bags and make-up bags which she LOVES!:nuts: :heart:

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  13. Love that bag--go momma---go
    what a great gift.
  14. thank you so very much you guys....for letting me share the joy~!!!:heart::heart:

    now i gotta go to bed.....

    have a great night! ouch, it's almost 2am...... i know my DD will get up before 7am..(even though she was up until midnight --- somebody, HELP!)
  15. I love your SO bag, may I ask the measurements on it. Does that come in the regular Damier collection in more than one size, I cannot remember! Anyway, its gorgeous. Your Mom is a sweetie and I hope your grandma improves quickly! Your son is precious!