Surprise! {My Dream Bag...}


Do you love LV Mahina?

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  1. :drool: Finally got it.....:lol:
    07122007026.jpg 07122007028.jpg 07122007029-001.jpg 07122007030.jpg 07122007031.jpg
  2. Very Pretty! Good choice for a white bag..... :yes:
  3. :smile: :love:Heee HEE!
    07122007037.jpg 07122007039.jpg 07122007041.jpg 07122007043.jpg 07122007044.jpg
  4. How beautiful! Congratulations:biggrin:

  5. :drool: LOVE the Mahina! I tried on the Noir XL in the boutique about a month ago and almost sold my soul to the :mad: for it! lmao. Very lucky girl, she's beautiful!
  6. I love it! I love it! I love it!
  7. Thanks for all ur comments! :love:Trolley-Dolly, knasarae ,BagsRmyLife
  8. Beautiful bag - very classy :tender: Congratulations!
  9. Oh congrats on getting your dream is really nice!

    I am actually thinking of getting a white bag for winter, that seems like the new trend lately!
  10. hmm... we dun have winter here... spring season all year round. Currently raining season though... kind of feeling down during rainy weather.:crybaby:

    Still wondering what clothes can i match when using with this bag:shrugs:

    kind of too much if i bring it to work..:sweatdrop:
  11. It's really pretty. I love it.
  12. CONGRATS! This should prob be moved to the LV subforum but anyhow.. The Mahina is an absolutely stunning bag. I honestly don't like LV bags much, but the Mahina is just :drool:. My mom wants one!
  13. Lovely bag!
  14. Modeling pics!!! Beautiful bag! And I say take it to work. who cares?