*Surprise* Mini Haul on a Holiday!

  1. Am on a family vacation in Melbourne and since the toddler is napping in the car, DH suggested that he drop me off at the Hermes store so I can shop in peace :biggrin: alone.
    I have a regular SA in my home country but sometimes I am curious to see what other stores might offer....
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  2. The trainee sales associate was very kind to show me a couple of scarves, arm candy but there's nothing that I really want..
    I saw a Croc Constance wallet, totally to die for but I wanted a small bag I said....
  3. Here here
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  4. Here!
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  5. Ohhh a live one!! Did you get a Constance? Perhaps a mini Roulis or Hazan?
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  6. Had a marvelous time chatting to the sales associate and we were talking about my penchant for pink stuff and bags with slings as I have a young toddler and another baby OTW.
    She suggested a Berlin but really it's not my style but moments later she said, LEMME SEE WHAT I HAVE AT THE BACK
    A perfect mini bag!
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  7. Congrats! I love the Lindy at that colour is stunning!
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  8. Gorgeous color!! Love rose azalee. And you've picked the perfect twillys for it!
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  9. So pretty!!! Huge congrats to you!!!!!
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  10. IMG_0140.JPG

    To be honest I didn't walk in expecting anything since I'm on holiday and not exactly looking to purchase a bag but it's such a cute bag in Evercolor and the color is to die for since I love everything PINK! Here's my Rose Confetti Lindy in 30... Rose Azalee's older sister I guess! :P
  11. Super sweet and cute
    Fabulous color
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  12. I have a Croco Constance and a Constance wallet in Rose Tyrien so Constance is not in my consideration at the moment but I do love my Constances!

    Thank u! Pinks are hard to come by in my home country so I was quite surprised!

    Thank you! I think we spent more time looking at matching Twillys that day :P

    Thank u love! I'm elated too!
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  13. Super sweet yes ~ Thank u!!!
  14. IMG_0141.JPG
    Dressed her up with my existing charms! Love the Twillys too! Thanks for letting me share! :smile:
    And here's my get-up boarding the plane heading home....
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  15. So chic! Love the robot jacket too!
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