Surprise Gift from a friend's bf... how to figure out ring size?

  1. my friend's long time boyfriend wants to give my friend a surprise gift... and he asked us to discreetly find out her ring size for him... :graucho:

    so i am wondering if you gals and guys know of any good way for me to find this out without being overly obvious that i am up to something? please help! :yes: TIA!!
  2. go jewlery shopping with her, when she says somehting along the lines of 'oh that ring is nice..." insist that you love it (regardless whether you do or not) and insist that she tries in on, from that you should be able to suss out her size when she asks for it. but when she tries it on insist that it looks bad on her hand so that she doesnt acctually buy it lol
  3. when my husband was looking at engagement rings, he asked my friend/roommate for the same info....she took one of the rings i don't wear often from my jewelry box while i was at work, took it to the mall and had the jeweler see what size it was, then put it back the same day. i didn't even notice.

    you could also take her to the mall and just play with rings...if the rings in the case fit more often than not, she's a six or seven. and there's always claires...just play with stuff there and notice what size rings she picks up. the sizes are right on the card.
  4. Make some sort of comment about how you were ring shopping, and "My finger is so fat/ is so hard to find a size (insert your ing size)..."and then ask her what size she is....
  5. I like the idea of taking a ring of hers that she doesn't use much and then putting it back.... I know when I was "ready" to get engaged, I had my ears peeled for if any of my friends were acting weird and asking about rings...
  6. Ask to try on a ring she's wearing (or one you've seen her wear before) and when it's too big, or too small, say; 'Oh, it's a bit big/a bit small - but then I'm a size ... What size is this ring, again?' ;)

    Of course, if it fits perfectly, you won't have to ask!

    If this doesn't work, there are ways and means of measuring rings and working out the approximate size, but this would be easier! :biggrin: