Surprise from SA: Mono Watercolor + Mono Camouflage

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  1. I got a phone call from my SA today saying that I need to pick up the new catalogs from the boutique. I was busy with my usual morning meetings but I managed to spare 10 minutes to hit the store which is only few streets away.

    When I got there, my SA and the manager had already put all the catalogs in the bag for me ready to take home. But then I realised something bizzare in the bag along with the catalogs, oh yeah it did catch my eyes!!!! Here they are:




    I guess these are the upcoming lines:

    Monogram Camouflage and Monogram Watercolor

    How exciting!!! I am very lucky to have such nice SA and Manager. :yes:

  2. wow! I love them both!
  3. I cant see the pics all I see are 3 red X!!! :sad:
  4. Very interesting takes on the Monogram pattern.
  5. Interesting...
  6. As others have said. It looks quite interesting. I would need to see these applied to a bag in order to get a better impression.
  7. I LUV the last photo!! Can't wait to see the finished product!
  8. Wow FK, you are in the know and I am jealous! Thanks!
  9. Im loving the water color!! Im intersted in seeing what the camo looks like....thanks for sharing!!!
  10. Wow, something very new and interesting!!
  11. Thank you for sharing! It's going to to be interesting to see these actually applied to the handbags...
  12. Thanks for sharing the scoop!
  13. thanks for sharing
  14. Wow! thanks for posting them.
  15. thanks for sharing. i think im happy to say im very over LV.. now i can put all my time into chanel and balenciaga :biggrin: