Surprise from my hubby....

  1. The actual item wasn't a surprise, but the timing was. We celebrated my husband's birthday yesterday. We went out for brunch and then to the pool and then for a walk on the beach. This little beauty was in its beautiful brown bag, in our beach bag.

    I stayed in the shade, admiring it, while my hubby played with our daughter in the pool!
    box1.JPG dustbag1.JPG
  2. What is it!? A wallet??? Let's see!
  3. what is it? I can't take the suspense...
  4. Here she is... :p Pomme Zippy!!
    zippy1.JPG it'smine.JPG grins.JPG
  5. wooohooo she's a beauty! Congrats!& belated happy bday to ur hubster!
  6. I have the same one! Lvoe it!
  7. Oh forgot, Congrats!
  8. BEAUTIFUL! Your daughter is sooooo adorable!!
  9. Gorgeous! I am dying for something in Pomme!
  10. Congrats!:heart:
  11. Love that color!!! Congrats! :yahoo:

    Cute kiddo btw! ;)
  12. congrats!
  13. oh wow! that's sooo pretty! love pomme!
  14. wow i love it! congrats!
  15. So pretty -- congrats!