surprise from Japster

  1. I went to see Japster tonight and she surprised me with this lovely gift. :yahoo:
  2. I hope you enjoy it, I love the smell of it. I posted some pics of your delicious Macaroons in the RAOK thread above ^^^
  3. Just a really kind gift! Lovely
  4. That is so lovely!!!
  5. I love it. I was smelling it all the way home. My dh really enjoyed meeting you. He thinks you are so sweet.
  6. Japster is a lady of great refinement, I believe that she uses a little linen napkin like this to dab at her mouth when she is drooling over the posted bags on TPF:p
  7. ^^LOL that's pretty close to true.

    Please thank your dh for helping with my dh's health issue. That was very sweet of him. He's a wonderful guy, it was a pleasure to meet him.
  8. Japster is a sweetie!
  9. what a lovely gesture!!!
  10. oooh, is that the famous lavendar sachet? very nice!! :heart:
  11. U LUCKY DUCKY!!! How sweet of Japster!!!
  12. ^^^What a SPECIAL GIFT FROM Japster, and what a SWEETIE you are to share with her the SWEETS!
  13. Japster, you are really sweet. What a thoughtful and lovely thing to do:heart:
  14. I love whaen people meet off the computer!!! So much we have in common!
  15. such a lovely present...