Surprise for me!!

  1. :heart: :heart: :heart: Courtesy of the best BF ever... :heart: :heart: :heart:

    He got both of these on eBay... !!! yay!!! :happydance:

    Pear mini skinny pic is from coach's website
    Signature stripe blue swing pack pic from the eBay auction he won it from
    pear_skinny.jpg sig_stripe_blue.jpg
  2. What a sweetheart! Maybe we could get a subforum for guys who buy their ladies bags and they could do some sort of training. lol
    Both your new goodies are so cute! Love the colors of both of them.
  3. I LOVE these threads! So nice to see guys who are such sweeties to their Coach SO's. Congrats!
  4. and it's not even my birthday .. or any other special occasion..
    Makes it even sweeter!!
  5. Too sweet! You taught him well. :biggrin:
  6. Nice gifts!

    I love the blue on the swingpack.
  7. That's awesome! Enjoy both your coach goodies and your wonderful bf!
  8. WOW! What a nice surprise...what a sweetheart!!! I've been married for over 8 years and my DH has surprised me ONCE, just because (and that was when we were DATING)!!! Ah well....I'll just have to give him some not-so-subtle hints! :p
  9. He's a keeper!
  10. The "just because" gifts are the best! :yes:
    What a sweetie.
  11. I should my BF this thread just to tease him and he was like don't be replying back, uh uh, lol.
    That blue is TDF!
  12. So so sweet! I love the green apple color.
  13. Awwww - those are the best kinds of gifts too - the "just because" kind....
    Good choices too, love that blue!
  14. lucky duck! My guy doens't take hints so well...I end up just taking his card and tellin him what he purchased for me LOL! Congrats, the blue is amazing!!
  15. What great purchases so sweet! Congrats!