SURPRISE! for coffer girls!

  1. I don't care for it at $2845. Also, I wonder what the dimensions are? It looks smaller than the original coffers, but as I said before, NM is awful stingy with their descriptions. :sad:
  2. Me no likey. I saw this on another post and said the same thing. The Coffer is at its best in plain nappa leather.
  3. I dont liek it either, what makes the coffer so nice is the smooth buttery nappa leather. I think croc should be in a plainer design anyway not with all the ruching
  4. It's very pricey, the pic on NMs is pretty crap, would need to see it IRL but not a big fan of bright red bags anyway so think my $2845 is safe...
  5. Phew I just saved $2845!! Now i have seen it in smooth red patent...THAT is TDF.
  6. So is it really crocodile, or just croc-embossed?
  7. I posted its picture previously and I don't like it...not red croc :sad:
  8. ITA! I love it for the soft nappa leather feel:yes:
  9. Its very pricey indeed. I do like the fact it has silver hardware though.
  10. Oh. Well... umm. No.
  11. I think the exotic skin is rather lost with the gathering of the leather. Also, I don't think the bright red and silver hardware lends itself to the look. It just doesn't quite work.
  12. I really like it.
  13. At first look, I kinda like it......a bit edgy.
  14. Not my cup of tea. i will definitely prefer it in their nappa leather. Looks so inviting! Hmm...