~Surprise Empreinte Reveal~

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  1. Hi everyone!! I hope everyone is having a great weekend! Today I went to my mall with my sisters. I had to stop by LV for a sec. A sec turned into an hour and 45 mins! LOL!!

    Long story short I have been eyeing this for a while but never took the plunge. Thanks to Pavla! Your posts made me get it!!

    Also I got another Damier bag but they had to order one for me because it was slightly off. This bag will be here Tuesday! Anyways who is here????
  2. Hmmm. St. Germain? Ever since her post I've been wanting one too....
  3. Can't wait to see[emoji5]️[emoji5]️[emoji5]️[emoji5]️
  4. Here!! Open open open!
  5. I'm here too!
  6. I am In!
  7. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1429409318.019790.jpg
  8. Here is a hint!! I think this will give it away!!!
  9. St Germain! 😄
  10. Introducing my new St. Germain in Noir!!

    I got my mom a luggage tag while I was there!

  11. Good guess!!!
  12. So pretty! The luggage tag is really nice too. Congrats!
  13. Here are a few mod shots!

  14. Thank you!!!
  15. Looks great on you, congrats!