Surprise Birthday Gift from Him ! :P

  1. I'm turning another year older today and my bear surprises me with a :heart:J12 Chanel Black 33mm Watch with white diamond markers:heart:. I remember I was asking him 3 weeks ago what he's gonna get me for my birthday and he's like just give up it won't be a Chanel bag :confused1: So I gave up and I was so surprise that he actually bought me a Chanel Watch :graucho:!!! NO wonder he kept on telling me to get the Rolex instead! :yahoo: :yahoo::yahoo:

  2. [​IMG]
    Here's a pic of me wearing it! I :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: it! :yahoo:
  3. Omg! Congrats!!!! Happy B-day!
  4. Well there you go! Now you can have the Rolex AND the J12. Happy Birthday!:yahoo:
  5. How sweet!! Happy birthday, and congratulations, you wear it well!! :smile:

  6. that's awesome!! It looks great on you!! Happy Bday!
  7. I know Mon! :p

  8. aww hahah that's too sweet of him :smile: and happy birthday!!!! :smile: what an awesome gift =p
  9. Congrats! She is gorgeous! I just purchased a black J12 myself and I love it! Happy Birthday & enjoy!
  10. you are so lucky:nuts:
    tell him he is starting to change my perception of guys!:sweatdrop:

  11. Congrats!
  12. Ohhh you make me want one!!!

    btw, your blog is soo cute...I usually read 2-3x a week ;)
  13. Happy Birthday!!! :party: the watch is gorgeous! :love:
  14. Awww, how sweet! It's absolutely gorgeous =) Happy Birthday!
  15. Happy Birthday