**SURPRISE** a 227 in.....

  1. DARKWHITE!!! Oh yes... I found it this afternoon!!!

    Anyway... its still in the box and will stay there until my mom leaves (its her b'day today).... will post pics ASAP!!:yahoo: :wlae: :yahoo: :wlae:
  2. Ooh...this is soooo exciting!!
  3. Nice! Is 227 a version of the reissue or is it a flap in large or jumbo?
  4. yes. the 2.55 reissue in the 227 size - LARGE
  5. Thrilling! Happy Birthday to your mom. I am going to bed long, long work day. I will start my day at 5:00 instead of 5:30 to have my Chanel time. So happy, you were able to locate it, can't wait.
  6. hey jap. please show me the pics asap!
    So i have something to compare with :smile: thankyoU!
  7. J., did you post pics of your darkgold 227?

    Is this darkwhite for you or your mom?

    Can't wait to see modeling pics.:yahoo:
  8. its for me!! I haven't posted Dark Gold... will do that as well!!
  9. Great! Can't wait to see your pics.

    I received my earrings today. I absolutely LOVE them.:love: I'll post pics tonight.:yes:
  10. I just seen this bag at Chanel SF this afternoon! It is TDF!!! Congrats
  11. I was told that Chanel didn't carry this color..... are you sure it was darkwhite???
  12. Congrats!! on your daily chanel purchase :girlsigh: Can't wait for pics!
  13. J., what I was told was that Chanel didn't order the darkwhite in anything smaller than 227 for the US market (including the department stores). Chanel on 57th ordered 2 in the 228 size.
  14. Dark white!!! I have been trying to track one of those down with no luck. CONGRATULATIONS , it's a beauty, can't wait for the pics.
  15. So cute!!