Surprise 25th Birthday Reveal !!!

Sep 30, 2008
Boulder, Colorado
I am turning 25 this weekend, and while I have been wanting this bag since it came out (2009?) I was still hesitant on spending the money. My boyfriend surprised me and took me to Louis Vuitton and get the bag for my gift :woot: (though I insisted on paying half of it :P) I have gone back and forth between this bag and the Palermo GM, and I am VERY happy with my choice!!!

Here she is (finally!) Tivoli GM :love:

....I should also add, I was told by the sa that this bag has already been discontinued, though many stores still have a few and they are still available online.



Jul 26, 2013
Dallas/Ft. Worth
Happy 25th!!! I love the Tivoli GM. I think it's just such a gorgeous bag. I had no idea it was being discontinued though. Love the front pleats and the zipper pull. Very roomy and you can carry her on your shoulder. Great choice. Have a happy 25th Birthday and enjoy your beauty!