Surprise #2 Balenciaga Pink Purse!

  1. here it is! i love the purse style, it fits over my shoulder and it's so light weight, and much roomier than the first. i prefer it over the city too. since you can't carry it over your shoulder. and it is much bigger for my frame.

    the pictures aren't too good, it was really hard for me to hold the bag up and take the photo. looks kinda slouchy. the leather is soooo soft!

    i :heart: it.

    one more surprise to go. any guesses? :biggrin:
    P60172.jpg P60173.jpg P60174.jpg P60164.jpg
  2. Fayden you are so cute! Oh and the bag looks good on you...:yes:
  3. Fayden ... SWEET ... :heart: bag!! I love this style too, I've just been waiting for the right color (possibly the Fall Rouge Vif)?
  4. Ooo it's lovely! And you dog in the background is cute too!
  5. fayden that bag looks amazing on you!!! Congrats!
  6. btw what was surprise #1?
  7. Very nice bag Fayden! Thanks for sharing with us, and congrats!!
  8. Great pictures, and the bag looks beautiful on you! :heart:
  9. Love it, can wait for your last surprise. Maybe Hermes?!
  10. hehe i posted it in another thread, it was the BH!
  11. i know! i can't wait to see the fall colors for this style.
  12. the pink purse is so pretty! looks great on you!
  13. aaahhh maybe when i'm 40? :biggrin:
  14. Fayden.. that a nice surprise!! I love that pink Balenciaga on you! I want one! But still I don't know what color I really want..
    Congrats again! Aha..I wonder what's the third surprise will be?? Hmmm..You have got the Lv, the Balenciaga, I wonder if next is something Dior maybe?? Ha ha..Dunno.
    Whatever it is you are a lucky girl!! Three new bags in a week???:P :graucho: :love: :love:
  15. That's the bag I posted earlier that Lohan was wearing!!
    It looks much better on you. You are gorgeous and that lamp is TDF!!