Surprise #1 and my 2000th post! the lovely BH!

  1. this is what i got today in the mail.

    for all of you who think it is too big of a bag to carry, i'm only 4 feet 11 inches. and it looks fab!

    i bought it from elux. and it's perfect. made in USA and born sometime in march 2006.

    you will all have to wait for surprises 2 and 3 coming up later this week.... :lol:
    P60175.jpg P60178.jpg P60179.jpg P60182.jpg
  2. Good use of your 2000th post. Mazel tov!
  3. Hooray! Congrats!:yahoo:
  4. Looks great!!
    and congrats on the 2000th post!
  5. I love it! I went straight to E-Lux as soon as I saw the pictures in the other thread. I really want this bag! :heart:

    Congrats on the great purchase and reaching 2000 :cool:
  6. Congrats on your post and your awesome bag!!!!
  7. Ohhhhhhhhh, Fayden! It's BEAUTIFUL and looks really great on you! You are sooo cute with your tiny little self! Congrats on your 2,000th post! I look forward to many more! Congrats!
  8. Fayden, the bag looks AMAZING on you!!!:love: Congrats on your 2000th post!!!
  9. Sweet!!!!!
  10. Congrats Fayden on your new bag and your 2000th post. I can't wait to see your next surprise.
  11. thanks everybody!!
  12. I agree with everyone! The bag looks fantastic on you. I love all your recent purchases and it must be great getting a flow of new things especially all the LV's you have been getting:love:
  13. yippee, fayden congrats on the 2000th post! and WOW, your new LV piece looks great on you!!!!!

    cant wait to see whats next!!!
  14. OMGosh, don't you loooove this bag! I love mine so much!
    It looks perfect on you!
    WTG Fayden!
  15. Congratulations Fayden! It looks wonderful on you!:love: