Surpise Reveal & the Story Behind


Jun 2, 2010
I went overboard with Valentino after my mum got better (a 50% drop in the cancer tumor marker is a BIG victory). So I decided that I HAVE TO go on an austerity drive, for the sake of my wallet.

So I was wailing over facebook with my friend three in the morning how I have to give up the bag I was eying at eBay. And my friend bought the bag for me for my birthday! birthday is 8 months away! I was really, really touched by this gift. I have known my friend for so many years and went through life's up and down so this bag not only represent a very expensive birthday present, but also a testament to the beauty of our friendship. It gives a nice buzz whenever I look at the bag. It is besides the point whether this is an expensive Valentino bag or a $5 bag but this bag reminds me of my friend's silent support for me for so many years. My friend told me that she would be watching my spending from now on and with such a friend like that, I am sure my austerity drive would be a success. Since we always go shopping with me and is always at my place - she would do surprise checks on me and make me account for any new purchases :P

I would also like to thank LabelLove81 and mga13 for authenticating the bag and for putting the wallet in the Valentino's steal and deal thread.

This is a pic of the bag with my Valentino wallet although it is of a different shade (without flash)


Same pic with flash


Close up pic



May 2, 2010
I am seriously coveting your bag and wallet PT!!! and what a sweet story too :smile:
I saw the ebay listing but the photos made the bag look so washed out.. It looks so much better here and with that gorgeous wallet too.. They go perfectly together!

Ps. So glad to hear that your mum is getting better :yahoo:


Apr 5, 2009
PT I'm so glad to hear that your mom is doing better! :smile: And your friend is amazing, there's nothing better than a good friendship isn't it?

The Petale and the wallet look so beautiful together! (and this is coming from someone who's not a fan of the Petale-but the color on yours makes it look divine-I always thought Petales look great on others but not on me, but maybe I'll change my mind :P)

I specially love the way you took the pictures with the flowers and the pearls, looks so ladylike.

Congrats PT!


Peace Love & Purses
Mar 5, 2010
So happy for you for getting that dome petale PT! It's a beautiful color! I have to say, I'm a bit surprised, based on the pics on eBay I was expecting it to be closer to the color of the wallet. It's still lovely though! Congratulations!