SURPIQUE LINE - which stores will carry it and when?

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  1. I really want the larger size reissue in blue :heart: (or red!) - does anyone know where these will be available?

    Thanks much!

  2. I was searching for the camera case from this ligne and was told that this bag was definitely not ordered by any of the US boutiques or the department stores - I am not 100% of the flap though.
  3. Ok, thanks!
  4. From what I have been told, the USA and Canada both did not order any pieces from this line.
  5. So I just got a call from Jillian at the Palm Beach store - she said that one store is getting the flap and tote from this line (she described the tote as kind of a diaper bag). No news on the camera case. Call Jillian if you want to find out more about the flap and tote.
  6. ^I got the tote if u r still looking for one!Jillian got it for me!
  7. flaps are available in HK airport for 19xxx hkd
    as of saturday...
  8. The Surpique flap is available at Nordstroms and Chanel Boutiques
  9. I have seen the Surpique camera case. With that price, it's really a bargain!
  10. yes, it is available in Nordstrom in US. but for Europe, I saw one yesterday in Amsterdam store.
  11. They are also available in selected boutiques in France and most definitely in London........ I have seen both the 2.55 and the camera case. Not the Jill tote though.