suri totes an $850 ferragamo...

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  1. Uggh, not surprised!
  2. ridiculous
  3. If ya got it like "that" -- I can't be mad! :amuse:
  4. Reminds me of when Angelina and Zahara had matching Valentino bags.
  5. ^ I remember that too. I swear I will never spoil my kids like that. I do think that every kid deserve to be a little spoiled but that's just ridiculous IMO
  6. I wonder if Suri knows how much her tote costs or if she can tell the difference between $850 and $85?
  7. @newbee81 - Suri is only 3. I don't think she knows or will remember that incident when she's older. If she goes to college (or sooner) and sees more diversity in people, she'll realize how lucky she is.
  8. Suri is such a cute little kid
  9. She is cute but she's a kid. Why are they always dressing her like she's an adult? What is wrong with letting kids be kids?
  10. I remember reading an article saying Suri picked her own clothes. She is so adorable!