Suri Says Buh-Bye to the South of France

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  1. Tom Cruise and 14-month old daughter Suri check out of the Eden Roc Hotel on Friday in Cap d’Antibes, France. Katie Holmes checked out a day earlier and caught a flight out of Nice airport.
    What’s Tom up up to next? His next film project is called Valkryie, executive produced by Tom himself and directed by Bryan Singer (Superman Returns, X2). The character is plays is Col. Claus von Stauffenberg, a Nazi general under Hitler’s command who loses an eye and a couple of limbs. Hello, prosthetics! In real life, Stauffenberg was executed by the Nazis for attempting to kill Hitler with two suitcase bombs in 1944.
    Here’s a bit from FOX News: “One reason Cruise may have agreed to do this project is because von Stauffenberg is considered by some Germans to be a folk hero. Cruise, however, is not. In Germany, he’s taken a lot of hits for his unwavering devotion to Scientology. Germans consider the group a cult and do not recognize it as a religion. Cruise would like to change that.”
    suri-cruise-south-of-france-01.jpg suri-cruise-south-of-france-02.jpg suri-cruise-south-of-france-03.jpg suri-cruise-south-of-france-04.jpg suri-cruise-south-of-france-05.jpg
  2. Tom seems to be a great father. Suri looks a lot like him.
    suri-cruise-south-of-france-06.jpg suri-cruise-south-of-france-07.jpg suri-cruise-south-of-france-08.jpg suri-cruise-south-of-france-09.jpg suri-cruise-south-of-france-10.jpg
  3. Last 3 pics
    suri-cruise-south-of-france-11.jpg suri-cruise-south-of-france-12.jpg suri-cruise-south-of-france-13.jpg
  4. What a little cutie Suri is!
  5. He definately dotes on her - I do hope his other children are not losing out! I'm sure they're not because he does seem a devoted father (weird Scientology apart!)
  6. Awww she is tooooo cute! Her and Shiloh need to get some play dates together! They're going to break some hearts in the future!
  7. so cute
  8. Yeah, she does look like him..she's a cutie.
  9. That little girl has got to be the most adorable thing I've seen all day!

    I couldn't help laugh at the "Scientology is a cult" hehehe...........:roflmfao:
  10. Suri is so cute!
  11. So so so cute, I love this family!
    Suri is adorable!
    Thanks so much Karo!
  12. ^ yep, seriously here it is considered a cult - (brainwashing and all... j/k)

    apparently the son of Stauffenberg is totally against the movie for one, and against Tom playing his father in particular because he is a scientologist (news here today). what I don't get - Stauffenberg was executed - how can they change that story? this is the tragedy and the main part of it all...
  13. That is an absolutely adorable child.
  14. aw thats nice. Suri looks like both her mum and dad.
  15. I just think it's weird that he's holding her all the time, not many fathers do that....and i don't remember him doing it with his older kids either.

    He's weird.