Suri Cruise's first St. Patrick's Day

  1. The Cruise family out on St. Patrick's Day.
    Katie Holmes.jpg The Cruises.jpg Tom, Kate & Suri.jpg
  2. Cute! Love the green Bbag!
  3. Katie is beautiful, Suri is so cute!
  4. I really enjoyed these pics. Green bag caught my eye as well.
  5. She looks precious!! And yes, Katie's bag is gorgeous!
  6. That child is so cute... Tom and Katie should have more children... a boy.
  7. Loves it, Katie Holmes is such a natural beauty, she looks fabulous all the time, I love her B-bag.
    Suri is so cute.
    Great pics, thanks for posting!
  8. OMG! That little girl is just so beautiful. I still can not believe just how much she looks exactly like her mother AND father! She's going to be gorgeous when she grows up..even moreso than she is now.
    Oh, and I LOVE Katies bag!
  9. That is adorable! Love Suri's dress!
  10. She is too cute!
  11. Suri is so cute! Love her lil dress! :smile:
  12. Loving the BBag! I love how she coordinated her bag with her daughter's outfit!
  13. Love the bbag!:heart: Suri's a cutie.
  14. One more photo.
  15. I don't get it? Is Tom or Katie Irish? :shrugs: