Suri Cruise w/ CLs ???

  1. How funny! I'd actually like to see what she has made... :lol:
  2. I say why not, it's their money. They may be getting them made as little 'souveneirs' like the way my mum has my first shoes in a box somewhere!

    I had to laugh when I read on that link 'shopaholic Katie'. Hmm I don't think I would describe her as that?!
  3. AMAZING!! I think If I just had money to blow I would do the same thing... I wonder if little Suri will get mini exotic VPs like her mom!!! :roflmfao:
  4. My vote's on the patent mary jane flats... :yes:
  5. Angelina had a custom made designer purse made for her older daughter and Madonna was doing it for Lourdes years ago. If I had the money I would probably spoil my daughter also.
  6. i think it is silly. the kid will wear them 2 times before she outgrows them. and yes they have the $$ so it doesn't matter, but put that $$ to better use.
  7. I disagree with babies/toddlers wearing heels of any kind. The bones in their feet are still growing and she's putting unnecessary stress on her toes. :sad:
  8. If I was rich, I would probably indulge my little girl with designer shoes and clothing, if for nothing more than the adorable pictures that I could take with my "mini me." Still, you have to be careful because you do not want kids to believe that their value is derived from the the things they have.
  9. I agree, but CL flats or mary jane flats would be adorable!
    When it comes to the money, if you have it, why not. You live once, why not enjoy it while you are here.
  10. A pair of CL flats would look so amazing!
    I would love to have a pair for my daughter!
    However Katie is to young to be defined as a "shopaholic mom"
  11. double post!
  12. Am I the only one who thinks it's vain and foolish? I mean, she's a baby ... ???

    *goes and hides*

  13. It is, but think of all the money they have. They dont know what to do with it after a while. They invest up a storm and still have so much they just do stupid things with it. As I said before, you live once, just do whatever you like, enjoy life. If a pair of shoe is going to make you happy, buy them. lol Maybe thats why my cards are melting??lol
  14. Yeah it's silly and overly extravagant...but I'm not too bothered with celebs and the way they spend their money. If I were a multi-millionare I'd probably custom order things I don't need too...:rolleyes:
  15. ... can't argue with that; I'd prob do the same.