Suri Cruise Visits ‘Valkyrie’ Set

  1. Tom Cruise takes wife Katie Holmes and daughter Suri, 16 months, to visit the set of his new movie Valkyrie, aka Rubicon, in Berlin, Germany on Saturday.
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  2. Cute family!
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  3. Those photos are adorable! They're such a sweet family.
  4. Suri is so cute!
  5. Suri is one of the cutest babies!
  6. Is it me, or does Katie look awful???? She looks like she hasn't slept in days...Suri is so cute though!
  7. Suri is adorable!!!!!!
  8. I think they look really happy together
  9. I freaking love her little Burberry coat!
  10. Katie looks F'ing PISSED in the top 3rd pic..HILARIOUS. I love her. What ever happened to the good ol days back at the creek.
  11. I love Surie..she is such a cutie!
  12. suri is a cutie! she's going to be one pretty girl when she grows up!
  13. Looks like such a lovely family! Suri's adorable...
  14. Oh I so agree! She really does not look very good at all...I don't think that this will last...I know that is not nice, but half the time, Katie just doesn't look happy. I hope otherwise, for sure!
  15. she's so pretty... i can't wait to see her when she grows up :p