Suri Cruise To Model For The Gap

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    Forget about Burberry! Suri Cruise is about to become the newest face for The Gap. I guess Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise want to start this little starlet nice and young. Can you imagine if the company got Shiloh and Violet to participate as well? And threw Kingston smack in the middle of them all? [​IMG]
    The 1-year-old is the new face of a Baby Gap campaign later this year, and reports are saying the millionaire toddler has gotten a lucrative contract.
  2. She is totally adorable, but let the poor kid be a kid. She already has paparazzi everywhere.
  3. I completely agree.
  4. I've read that the Cruise family (or a spokesperson) has completely denied this rumor.
  5. Awwwe, she's a cutie pie!
  6. I hope it's not true.
  7. I hope it's not true as well.
  8. For her sake, I hope she can have as much a normal child as possible, and while I think the parents are schwacko, little Suri is just a cutie!!
  9. Same here.
  10. Something about her eyes that freak me out.
  11. ^^ agreed with you...I don't know..she looks freaky to me...
  12. I think Suri is soo adorable!!!
  13. She's a cute kid, but I don't think she needs to be put in the spotlight. Let her be kid.
  14. she is quite possibly the most gorgeous, adorable toddler ever, but i hope they're not whoring her out just yet.
  15. I think she's so cute, but I can't believe they would expose her to even more attention than she already gets.