Suri Cruise... LOL

  1. LOL... hilarious. I wonder where Suri really is?
  2. hahaha
  3. lol Thats messed up.
  4. I feel sorry for that baby. I mean sure, her parents are messed up and all, but what fault of hers is it???
  5. I think the last offer was 3 million for her photo. Perhaps they are waiting for a better offer. Either way, being who she is she will probably feel she is leading a life in a fish bowl.
  6. thats not nice
  7. ew that's pretty sick actually...
  8. gross. poor suri....
  9. ew. that's kinda weird looking
  10. Yes, it is.:sad:
  11. Poor Suri....she's not more than a couple months old and people are already making fun of her.

  12. I thought this time is for
  13. That's not nice.
  14. yeah, i wonder that too. that's so weird, the baby is more than 3 months old now...
  15. Geeez....has it been 3 months already! Time flies.