Suri Cruise Is Going To Own Louboutins

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    Ok Magazine is reporting that Suri Cruise[​IMG] is about to become Christian Louboutin’s youngest client. Katie Holmes[​IMG] is having a pair custom made for her daughter. It’s a little on the expensive side but apparently having really nice baby shoes is important to this family [​IMG]
    Louboutin’s prices:
    “For $2,500 (the company) will create a mold of your foot to hand-craft footwear to your exact specifications — for an additional charge of $500 to $5,000 a pair.”
  2. i thought she was going to own the company, lol
    good to know
  3. Oh geez.
    That's crazy, kids grow out of shoes so fast!
    But I guess they have the money to blow on stuff like that.
  4. oh noooooo, i wonder if she's going to grow up like paris LOL
  5. thats a little over the top......
  6. Oh wow, Suri is cute and all
    But from what I read in magazines and online blogs, she sounds like a spoiled brat and apparently acts like one as well!
    Anyhow... they're only magazines and blogs, right? ;)
  7. woah... dejavu! wasnt there a member who wanted CLs made for her daughter but would imagine it's pretty expensive? she's right...

    $2500 in addition to $500-$5000 a pair! insane!
  8. I don't even know if they'll have to pay. This is free publicity for Christian Louboutin.
  9. Even so, money is no object for them. Suri can have anything in the world, IMO. Her dad is super rich.
  10. I agree. They have the money to blow on things like that. I don't want to judge since I'm young and have thousands in luxury goods and I'm not even a celebrity like they are. I'd love to see what the custom Loubs look like!
  11. thats crazy money for a pair of shoes for kids! but suri is soooooooooooo adorable.
  12. spoiled little thing!
  13. suri is soooo cute! I hope she is getting flats and not 4 1/2 inch heels, lol!
  14. Kind of silly since she won't be wearing them too long but I guess when you have that kind of money..........
  15. surely her feet will have grown before the shoes are even finished :confused1: :roflmfao: