Suri Cruise is a Baby Doll

  1. Katie Holmes takes daughter Suri, 16 months, to say goodbye to Suri’s grandparents as they leave from Tempelhof Airport in Berlin on Monday.
    Suri dressed in a polka dot top and carried around her fave new doll — a pig-tailed redhead. Katie wore a white tee, black skinny jeans, a brown trench coat and black flats.
    Daddy Tom Cruise has been busy filming his new movie Valkyrie, aka Rubicon, in Berlin, Germany.
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  2. More pics!

    Suri's really cute, but I just keep wondering why are they cutting her hair? And what's with the bangs? She would be even cuter with her gorgeous hair a little longer.
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  3. She's really cute!
  4. She's such a cute girl
  5. So cute!!
  6. Adorable!
  7. So cute. But, with parents as gorgeous as hers she was bound to win the genetic lottery.
  8. I love Suri!
  9. I must admit she is super cute, even though her parents (? dad at least) are straaange
  10. Suri is SO adorable.
  11. She is so cute! She looks so much like the both of them (duh! :p)'s just a bit of a shame her father is so odd!
  12. she's just so cute
  13. She is such a cute baby.
  14. Suri is soooo cute! What a doll!
  15. :tender: