Surgery when I already have double eyelids ( pics included )


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Jul 16, 2020
Hey guys! I’ve been contemplating of getting surgery for my eyelids.
I have natural double eyelids but my eyes look very sleepy and droopy, especially when I smile.
Would ptosis correction fix my problem? I only start to do my research recently so I still don’t know lots of things about eye surgery.
Thank you in advance for the advices~ 8E2379E5-248F-4052-AB1A-5387FE4C9440.jpeg 8B41B456-2E33-450A-814C-D30C3D8EA0AA.jpeg
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May 14, 2020
Yes, ptosis correction can help.
Where do you want to get surgery?
I think you'd better send your pictures to plastic surgeons, they can give you more detailed advise regarding your case :smile: