Surgery Shows?

  1. What surgery shows do you watch?

    I find myself watching them more and more because someday I’d like to do clerical work for a hospital, and stuff like that is really fascinating to me.
    I didn’t major in biology because I don’t think patients would want to hear “Ew! What is that!?!?!” when I make an incision.

    I don’t like anything involving organs, and I don’t like anything involving plastic surgery.

    I remember watching a show called Extreme Surgeries, and a little girl was having a spinal fusion. I remember yelling to my parents, “Turn to channel xx to see what the doctor did to me!”

    I also like Mini Miracles and Untold Stories of the ER.

    One night I remember watching back to back facial reconstruction surgery shows.
  2. I watch Dr. 90210!! lol if that counts...I try not to watch those shows because they make me feel ill.
  3. nip/tuck all the way :graucho:
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