Surgery for sciatica-anyone had it?

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  1. I've had sciatica on the left side since March. A back specialist here has recommended an outpatient arthroscopic procedure called microdisectomy. Since it's getting worse I'm going to schedule the surgery, but I'd appreciate hearing about any experience you've had or maybe family or friends with the same problem.
  2. i hanvt had anyone with this exact problem but the owners of my work have had terrible back problems and surgery just isnt the answer always.

    i would have a second even a third opinion. just to see what other doctors say. its better to be safe and talk to some other doctors 1st to see what their opionions are.

    good luck and keep us updated
  3. Thank you, courtneyh (Courtney is my dil's name! she gets called "court"; do you?). Actually another doctor has agreed. It's arthroscopic and both doctors said there's a good % that it will improve things. I agree with you, though--anything on the back is serious and deserves thorough consideration.

    That article looks very familiar, Elaine, so you probably fw'd that to me before. If you find the other one, I'd appreciate it.

    I thought I could tolerate it until September was over, so many things are planned then. But it's getting worse each week and I just don't think I can wait that long.
  4. My mum has sciatica, and i dont remember her being offered any kind of surgery to help out. She was told to just wait it out [some people she told me had it for around 10 years], and ,after waiting for three years, the pain has subsided, but is there on occasion. I remember her talking to other people as well about their sciatica, and she never told me of someone having surgery to fix it, they, too waited it out. Well either way good luck and hope all goes well!! :yes:
  5. I thought I had sent you that one before, Pat. However thanks to DH's habit of never ever deleting my emails (What can I say? The man is woefully anal!), he found the email with the link.

    That's specific to microdiscectomy, but the homepage has info on all sorts of spinal surgeries and such. Great site!:tup:
  6. That ^^^second link is so informative and helpful. Thank you, Jim! :flowers: I've saved it so I can re-read it. You're such a big help, Elaine. I'm sorry you ahd to go thru so much, but your experiences are really helping others, especially me!:okay:
  7. hmmmm..... have you had a 2nd opinion? Back surgery should only be done as a last resort and for documented cases of disc herniation/protrusion. I assume you've had MRIs?
  8. Pat and I are partners in pain, so I don't think she'd mind me answering you: she's definitely covered everything possible, including MRI and second opinions. She's definitely a candidate for this procedure. Trust me she's not making this decision lightly, especially after seeing what *I* went through with it (and still going through 9+ months later).
  9. travelbliss, I absolutely agree with you. As PP said, I've been thru every non-invasive treatment there is, had the MRI and 3 discs are just about shot and definitely protrude. One disc has a piece broken off pressing on the nerve and causing the buttock and leg pain, numbness, tingling, etc. A 2nd doctor, plus my chiropractor say this is the next treatment to try.

    PP has been enormously helpful, so I know what to expect. I posted, wondering if any others here have experienced this. It's easier to face when I can talk to someone else who knows what I'm going through.

    Thanks for caring! And Elaine, I'd be a wreck if it weren't for your support.

  10. It's most mutual, Pat. You've propped me up more than you'll ever know. It's hell to go through all this but having someone out there to lean on makes all the difference in the world. :heart::heart::heart:

  11. Well, i'm sorry alternative and other more conservative measures haven't worked for you. If it is a microdisc. procedure, at least it will be relatively quick with a mini scar. Good luck, I pray you have a speedy recovery!
  12. I have surgery scheduled for Monday, Aug 20th. I pray that I'm in the 90% of patients who get relief. It's outpatient and arthroscopic, so I'm hoping all goes the way it's supposed to.

    I'll let you know how it goes.
  13. Pat, my husband had that surgery. It was the best thing he could have done. Hasn't had an ounce of pain in his leg or back since. The incision site was so small it was only covered by a bandaid. He was in horrifically bad shape prior to that. He had tried an epidural shot in his back that didn't help at all. This really saved him. Feel free to pm me hon!
  14. shu, thank you so much for posting! I will PM you! Prada Psycho and I have been "partners in pain" as she puts it. I've had injections, but didn't get as far an epidural. I don't feel so alone when I hear that others have been through this.