Surgery for carpal tunnel??????

  1. Has anyone had it? I am scheduled for the surgery next week. I am just curious if anyone has any experience with it and how the recovery was.
  2. Anyone???
  3. I also need to get this done and am curious myself. I've been told about 2 weeks. Still trying to fit it into my schedule.

    Hope that it goes great for you.
  4. My Aunt had the surgery and she said it was pretty uneventful. Pain and discomfort were minimul she said.
  5. Thanks for the info.
  6. Well tomorrow is my surgery! I am a little nervous now! I know it will be no big deal, I just don't like the whole anesthesia thing!

    Wish me luck!
  7. oh sweetie good luck! i don't know how i feel about going under the knife, and i'm only 22, but my carpal tunnel is SO awful sometimes... please keep us posted on how everything goes! you're in my prayers!
  8. I know someone who had both hands done and was VERY pleased with the results!!! It will be well worth it!
  9. Keep us posted! I've been putting it off for about 25 years! It's become really bad lately and I think I will also have the surgery. It's in both hands now. I've been gardening lately and that really aggravates it.
  10. It is done and all went well. I can't type very well with only my left hand so this will be quick.

    I was at the hospital only 4 hours total. I was a sick to my stomach most of yesterday and my hand was in some pain. I took the pain medication yesterday and slept alot. Today it is painful but not unbearable or anything. I am basically just taking it easy!
  11. OMG, I have no idea what carpal tunnel is. But I am glad to hear it went well. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!
  12. What made you sick? It was done with a local anesthetic under the skin just where the incision is, right? Not a general anesthetic... so what was there to make you sick?

    Good to hear you are doing fine! :yes:
  13. I am not sure what made me sick. I was completely asleep during the surgery, so possibly it was the sedative that they used.

    It has been a week now, and things seem to be healing okay. I go back next Tuesday to get my stitches out! I will be so happy for them to be gone! :yahoo:
  14. Thanks for sharing MissyO! I go for EMG testing on Monday to determine where the blockages are occurring. I have bilateral carpal tunnel with right hand tendonitis, and so much pain in my forearms that the EMG will tell my doc how far up my arm the nerve is being compressed.

    How many days were you out of work? I too have to find time to fit this into my schedule, but the alternative is not good enough anymore. It is amazing how many things you stop doing (without even realizing you gave them up) because you don't want to deal with the pain that will ensue.
  15. I took a week off of work.

    I am so glad I had the procedure done. It has been so wonderful not to deal with the pain and the tingling anymore. I would recommend it to anyone who is suffering from carpal tunnel!

    Good Luck Loganz!