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  1. Hope you're doing much better! I gave everyone a "lecture" on no more bags... BUT then I went and bought a Gerard Darel and I'm drooling over other bags.... :P
  2. Hope you feel better soon! I saw this gorgeous beaded red Dior saddle but was too chicken to ask the SA how much it is and to look at it in person (it was on the top shelf). It made me think of you though cause Bf asked how I know of these Dior bags and I said because of Noriko from HI.
  3. I hope you feel better very soon!! Things have been hectic around here, so while you are resting you can catch up (I need to do the same thing!!)
  4. awww thats cute :love:

    I wonder if there will be new saddle bags when I visit Dior in the next few days. I hope I'll get better soon so I can head over there already :lol:
  5. I hope you feeling better soon Noriko and take it easy for now. We are all wish you a speedy recovery!

    I am drooling over Fayden's hologram spy but I am going to wait patiently for my gold/silver spy.. that's all the news from me for now.
  6. Get better soon!
  7. Hope you feel a little better today!! *Warm recovery hugs from Sweden*
  8. Feel better soon! Think of shopping for a new bag to help speed up the recovery process....:P
  9. noriko...hope you have a speedy recovery! You can reward yourself with a new bag when you are all better :lol:
  10. Yes, feel better soon! Lots of catching up to do around here I'm sure. I read it every day & still miss things ;)
  11. Feel better!

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  12. Glad everything went okay and that you're home, Noriko. Feel better soon! :nuts:
  13. I just ordered a speedy recovery and your dream bag at the univers for you so now you can lay back and wait relaxed for all the good things to come.:biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
    I hope you feel better soon. Surgery is always exhausting. Unfortuntely I know what I'm talking about.
  14. Hope you feel better soon Noriko! Welcome back!
  15. Get better ( thats an order) and get more handbags to cheer you up(that an order as well)!!