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  1. Well, just had surgery a day ago and was able to go home:biggrin: Still in a LOT of pain, but at least I can stand up on my own now :lol:

    Anything interesting happen in the last couple days? Fill me in! Drama, exceptional new bags, misery, happiness...ANYTHING:idea: ! I missed you guys!:love:
  2. hahaha, yes! new bags. lots of additions. i think everyone here is going a little bit crazy. we've missed you toooo! hope you feel better soon.
  3. Are you okay, Noriko? I hope you can rest comfortably tonight! Take some painkillers! You haven't missed too much here. To get your mind off your troubles there are a couple of threads that have new bags to drool over. One in particular that comes to mind is the Celine Clandestine. There is a thread already posted with pics. Check it out. I hope you are back to your old self real soon. Keep us posted! Welcome back to handbag heaven!!!
  4. Aww.. we missed you too ! Hopefully you'll be feeling up for some shopping and get back into your bag groove. ;)
  5. ********* BIG HUG ********

    i'm glad you're at home! Being at home just makes you feel that much better!

    Update - i speak for myself here... still broke, but my U2 tickets came in the mail and im completely jealous ;) of everyones new purhases!!!!!! hehehehehehhehehe! j/ks!
  6. you had surgery? What for? Hope you're feeling better soon! As for exceptional bags, not sure if there's a consensus here, but the Celine Clandestine is a beauty....I posted a recent thread on it! Anyways, glad to see you back in the bag community!

  7. Kat- you were writing your post at the same time and reading my thoughts on the Celine!:amuse:

  8. Too funny!!!:P
  9. glad you're back! we're all wishing you a speedy recovery!

    someone posted a gorgeous woven leather michael kors tote a day or two ago, best kors bag i've ever seen. i want!
  10. Are you ok? Hope you 100% very soon!
  11. what can I say....great bags speak to us!:biggrin:

  12. Im happy that your home and feeling well.
  13. Glad you are back! Wishes for a quick recovery.
  14. Recover soon!
  15. Thanks for the suggestions and support everyone :love:

    I've been looking at the Clandestine for a while on TFS, and like it in the pics. I hope it looks good on me when I finally get to try one one *cross fingers*.

    I was supposed to go check out the double gaucho and get my saddle repaired on the day I had to get my emergency surgery...go figure~ Seems like everything is standing inbetween me and bags these days!