Surgeon recs for facelift, breast lift and blepharoplasty? Korea or Europe

I had FL with Vlif and it collapsed within 6 weeks, my neck looks worse than before.
I paid about 13Mio SKW while other clinics only charged 8Mio(some of the best).

Look into JK Korea, they have a doctor specialised in FL and he did some good transformations.
Vlif under correct - many doctors under correct and you have to get revision after 6 months. There is this massive trend of under corrected FLifts now after they all got scared of the overdone look.
It’s just as bad in my opinion bc plenty of rip-offs are happening, doctors still have no clue what they’re doing.

You could consult with Cindy Jackson, she knows many doctors within all budget around the world.
All the best
I am sorry to hear your experience with VLIF, I had consultation with them in late 2022, they were very convincing, it didn't sit well with me, I decided to go to DA for other work done but not FL, I am still holding on to FL. maybe someday