Surfers Paradise boutique direct line.

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  1. Anyone know what the Surfers Paradise's LV's direct number? I use to have it but have changed my phone and lost it. The one on the internet is a call centre and its frustrating to talk to them. I want to contact my SA directly. I am overseas at the mo and would be great if someone can help me out. Thanks:heart:
  2. (07) 5539 0026
  3. ohhh thank so much
  4. Narkeasha,

    I should warn you that to my knowledge, all calls direct to a boutique in Australia are now transferred automatically to the call centre in Sydney. Most likely they'll get your name and number and get someone from that store to call you back.
  5. ^^Unless the store gives you the direct number to them;)
  6. shucks...
    i'll have to try..
  7. When you say direct number, is that a number other than the one listed on their business cards and the catalogue?
  8. Yes .. they do have the direct number for every store which is not listed on anything but offered via the SA at that store:yes:
  9. I just called my store today using the direct number and didn't get the call centre. However I've noticed that on Yellowpages now that when you do store lookups, it's started listing the 1300 number as the ph. #....even the LV website has changed the store info to the 1300 number
  10. Thanks for the info, Shalomjude, I'm getting transferred every time and it is frustrating me big time!