Surely someone loves Mastic?

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  1. Hm? Sandstone, sandstone- allright, but Mastic has fans, right? Isn't it droolworthy? :search:
  2. I love my mastic City. I have a sandstone hobo and I prefer sandstone with the GH. But I LOVE my mastic with the RH. It's breaking in really nicely. I don't regret having both at all. I love nuetrals and blues though.
  3. I haven't seen enough photo's of Mastic to make up my mind. In some pictures it looks JUST like Sandstone to me, and in other's it looks very golden... does the color greatly vary on different bags?
  4. I've never seen either of them IRL, but Mastic seems like FW03 Caramel to me.

    I love taupey colors, so of course I prefer Sandstore:heart:
  5. Show us the pictures so we can see?? Puhleeze!!!!
  6. I just bit the bullet and bought a rh mastic city! I'll let you know what I think when it gets here.
  7. ^oooh congrats Shasta!! Can't wait for pics :yahoo: Can you possibly take one of her next to your Sandstone Twiggy for comparison?
  8. There is a cool pic of a mastic day on! Beautiful color!
  9. I'm so sorry! I have to get a new camera but I have to order it. The pictures I've seen of mastic make it seem darker IMO. At first I wasn't sure I wanted to keep it but now I'm really glad I kept I did.:tup:
  10. Oh, Shasta!!!!!!!! Girlie, I can't wait to see your new Mastic!!!!!!! I've actually been wondering about the two colors as well, so remember to post the pics when she arrives:heart: