surely, I must be insane.

  1. Sigh,
    this is what happens when a canadian goes to the states on vacation. The sales in the US are pretty good compared to canada. These are some of my first purchases from coach ever. What do you guys think?

    The ali is for my mother (or, at least that's what I gather the full leather purse is....I don't know what everyone thinks of this purse though...hopefully my mom will like it).

    I couldn't resist the dog leash and collar. However, I'm still unclear as to how to connect the leash to collar. I just got a new puppy, and I almost died of cuteness when I saw the collar and leash combo.

    these shoes are actually kinda comfy (from what I can tell from trying them out).

    Is it wrong that I still want a cross body black coach bag? Oh man, so much for saving my money for another trip :smile:
  2. Lol did you have fun?
    And I LOVE the Ali, and you'll find many other fans in this subforum!
  3. What a great shopping trip you had!!! I am drooling over all your goodies
  4. wow you're so coordinated! Great haul! Love the dog collar and leash
  5. lol...
    I'm still a newbie to the designer handbag world (esp coach). I'm playing it safe for now. Get the basics down, then explore (then again, I'm such a sucker for's terrible!) :smile:

    and yah, I won't lie...the small coach splurge is making my trip a bit more enjoyable. However, now the question becomes, how do I take it all back on the plane ride home? Hopefully I've got some friends who will serve as mules for me since they did not buy as much as me ;)
  6. wow...what a haul. You have great taste. I hope you and your mother enjoy your new things!!!
  7. Great haul! Did you enjoy the non-shopping parts of your vacation in the states or is that ALL you did? (smile)
  8. Great purchases and I bet you cannot wait until your next trip. I love the black Ali and I am sure your mom will be thrilled with it!
  9. sedatedrainbow-
    At least you're doing it right. You're definitely getting a good deal since the US dollar is weak right now. Score! :tup:
  10. Wow, awesome loot!! I just LOVE the black sig... it's my favorite print!! I love the shoes too!!
  11. Awesome purchases...I love the shoes! :love:
  12. love the wedges and the ali! GREAT job!!!
  13. wow looks like you went crazy :smile: Congrat's on the new purchases.
  14. Those shoes are so nice! And I'm sure Mommy Dearest will love that purse. Good job!!
  15. Wow, you did great! Nice purchases!!