SuPRisee..Got my Coffer :) finally! first miu miu

  1. Last weekend I went to Wash. d.c to see my brother. I went to NM and Saks to look at fab bags and of course the coffer.After dreaming about it for quite a while,my dreams became true.
    It was kind of impulse buy and not. I got little bit angry to my mom,since she insist not to buy the coffer for me.So I thought I could spend from my piggy bank,the money I saved and get for myself an early birthday present :graucho:.
    I saw the dark green one at NM,it is similar to black I thought about 3 colors : black,plum,and dark green.Since the last season I wanted the black one.
    I went with my first instict and bought the black one. I also had my eye on Prada bow clutch (couldn't see in any dept. store-only black-black bow one in NM) but I thought that I will use coffer much more and bow clutch should stay in my dreams

    So there she is Coffer the justified:wlae::yahoo::supacool:

  2. congrats Justified! :yahoo: The pic is a little blurry, but I am sure your coffer is just as beautiful, if not more, IRL :love: I love mine too! Wore her out yesterday and got a few stares :drool: heehee~~!
  3. thanks joanniii..yes she is beautiful
    yeah unfortunatly couldn't get a clear ones,when I wear it
    here,she is alone

  4. I'm in love with that bag and it looks amazing on you!

  5. Congrats! Very pretty and it looks great on you!!
  6. congrats! it looks great on you.
  7. Thanks cosmos, minette and noon
  8. justified- That's so awesome! I just got my first Coffer too. It looks really good on you, both ways. May I ask how tall you are? I'm the same height as Reese Witherspoon, but using the long strap makes the bag more overwhelming me on me than on her. I hope the year- long wait was worth it for you as it was on me. Congrats!
  9. thank you :smile: I am 5.4" (163 cm) might be overwhelming w/long strap 'cos it is kind of thin..I have a LV with long strap and it's thicker and has extra piece and even that one can be overwhelming but still in :heart::heart::heart::yahoo: very much.
    hehe it was worth it a long wait and hopefully with for the future bag ban for one year (if I can keep it hehe)
  10. YYYAAAAYYYY!!!! :party: The two of you look beautiful together!!! Welcome to the "Coffer Club"!! :wlae:
  11. congrats!It's beautyful bag!
  12. thanks miu2 and katesnight

    "coffer club" finally ;) my new :heart: is my coffer :smile:

  13. GORGEOUS BAGGG! :heart::heart::heart::tup::tup: excellent choice!
  14. congratulations justified!!! leather looks yummy : )
  15. Excellent choice,my dear!!! The coffer is 1 of my favs amongst my collection!!! Now i wan the bow satchel....