Suprise from hubby....!!

  1. I have been wanting my first Chanel for a while and now that there is a new store opened near me, I have been checking out this forum for what to buy! :confused1:

    My hubby suprised me today as he noticed I have been checking out the Chanel forum everynight...but not knowing what to buy! And he knows I have been wanting a Chanel something for a while!!!! :okay:

    Can someone tell me the name of his wallet!? Is this from the winter collection??

  2. Wow!!Its pretty and i love the colour.
  3. awww hunny! i have the same wallet but in the flap version, yours is the tri-fold. it's from f/w collection, don't you just love the patent metallic red? reminds me of the guerlain christmas edition lipstick i got for my mommy last year! you have a fab DH!! ;) enjoy the wallet!!
  4. I think it's from the button collection. So pretty! Your hubby is a doll!!
  5. ^ what's the button collection? eeps i'm living in a cave! any intel on that? TIA!! ;)
  6. I think they call it button due to the button-like CC logo.
  7. Color!! Stunning!!
  8. Gorgeous wallet! I saw it in NM BH this past weekend and was soooo tempted to buy it.

    Enjoy and congrats!
  9. Oooo thanks guys makes me want a chanel bag even more now I have a wallet!! I DO like that pink cruise bag someone has posted....

  10. Cool would u mind taking a photo of yours please?!
  11. Congrats! I saw that collection recently and it's sooo nice in person.
  12. i saw it the other day at Neimans chanel king of prussia.. its GORGEOUS!!! congrats!!! and such a sweet hubby!!!
  13. What a great gift! Congrats on your first Chanel:smile:
  14. Wow, that colour is beautiful!!!
  15. pretty!!! very christmassy :p