supre clothing

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  1. has anyone ever purchased any clothing fronm supre i saw cute pair of fluro skinny jeans jeans on there webpage and i was wondering has any1 bought of them before
  2. sorry now the shop supre should be spelt like this Supré :shame: sorry
  3. has anyone out there heard of it:s
  4. isn't this an australian brand? i used to carry their shopping bags all the time! am i thinking of the right store?
  5. ya its an autralian brand and they have stors in new zeland they seem have lovely clothes on there webpage just wondering what the quality is like
  6. I bought some cute tube dresses years ago when I was on holiday in Australia. They were really cheap, so I wasn't expecting much on quality. They hold up okay, but think Forever 21 quality.

    Not sure if that's changed over the years, but they've still got really cute stuff! :yes:
  7. hey.. it isnt superb quality but its reasonable for the price you pay! its really popular down in aus and they usually reflect the latest trends..
  8. thanks guys for all your in put think i will buy it