Supposed 'Authentic' Second Hand Store Sells Fakes!

  1. So I went to the new Milan Exchange that just opened up in Richmond, BC. It's supposed to be a secondhand store that only deals in authentic luxury goods. Well, to their credit, they did have SOME authentic stuff. All the authentic stuff was second hand LV and the rest of the merchandise is pretty shady.

    They had a fake Manhattan GM for $1500!! I also saw several 'authentic' LV mc pieces selling for $1000+! There were also fake gucci waist pouches locked away behind glass counters behind signs that said "Please do not touch. Please ask for assistance" or something like that LOL. OK YEA, I won't get my grubby hands on your fakes then.

    I don't have much experience with Paddies, so you tell me if this is supposed to happen. I unzipped the bag and when I tried to zip it back up, the zippers got stuck. Like, really stuck. So the salesgirl was trying to fix it and the zipper actually unzipped all the way. You know, like at the bottom of your jacket. It was selling for $1560 and it's second hand.

    I was doing a lot of whispering with my friend pointing out the fakes, and the salesgirl had the nerve to say "Don't worry, everything in this store is 100% authentic!". The doors to the store are locked and they have to buzz you in and out! Yea, like they need that much security to protect the 20% of their merchandise that is real.

    ARGH I am so glad I became a member of this forum. Otherwise, I wouldn't be so purse savvy and would probably have been dupped into purchasing something fake.
  2. Well, it sounds like quite the experience; but, yes - paddys do unzip all the way (like a jacket). That doesn't mean those were real; but, the zipper thing is how they are. :biggrin:
  3. Oh I didnt' know that. Isn't that really really annoying?? To be reaching for your wallet and then having to zip up the zipper again?
  4. Great, now actual stores are selling fakes X_x I'm either only buying from the actual boutiques now, or you girls.
  5. Ya, I seen small boutiques, hiding in the corner of some asian plazas, claiming that they are small designer outlets or 2nd hand stores but then when you go in there, you can see that they mixed authentic and fake designer stuff. I think they do it on purpose. Probably to maximize their profits. It's pretty shady.