SUPPORT TEAM ALERT: calling for tPF'ers who have not been "feeling" it recently...

  1. lets unite together and think of ways to help us out!!

    we need a support team to support our love for LV!!!

    i have been feeling :sad:..and im trying to stand up again.. :push:

    help.. :hysteric:
  2. oooh i like this idea :yes:
  3. come on girls!! we need support! (well, i need support)
  4. have you checked out the new scarves on (UK) right at the bottom they are cute & may help you feel better.
  5. :yes::yes:
  6. uuhhhmm... What are we suppose to do???
  7. great idea :smile:
  8. ooohhh okay.... What about the new Pomme d'amour Vernis items? So beautiful for V-day!
  9. ^^^yeah dat! LOL
  10. maybe i should just dream about the new damier bags? :whistle:

    but i really want an SO batignolles
  11. btw, i spent the whole afternoon yesterday looking at b-bags and trying to learn the different names...omg
  12. im not a scarves person!!! thanks anyway :crybaby:

  13. dream about both!!! your excitement will peak again---hills and valleys, my dear, such is'll get your love back, don't fret!:flowers:
  14. well..I just need something red to cheer me up..

    May be you should get pomme d'amour inclusion piece especially phone's cute and will always attach to your phone..
  15. ^^ thanks :cry: