Support tank tops

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  1. Hey ladies does anyone know where I can get some cotton stretch tanks with the shelf support bra? The ones I have (which are years old and desperately need to be replaced) are no longer made by Victoria's Secret! VS's current support tanks are made more from a nylon/ Lycra mix and unfortunately the white one is practically see through!:cursing:

    Also, I've been to Limited, Gap, Gap Body, Old Navy, Banana Republic and most of other basic malls stores and only one store had any support tanks (GB) and again those tanks were very similar to the new VS tanks! :sad: Can anyone help me find the perfect support tank top!?!? I'm in desperate need of help here:hysteric::crybaby::hysteric: TIA!!!
  2. I know you specifically mentioned shelf support, but if you are interested in a bit more support, carries tanks, camis, and halters with built in underwire support. They are very cute (pretty much solid colors only) and extremely comfy.

  3. The old VS tanks were the best! I miss them too!!

    I have one from Kohls that fits the same way as VS and it's a heavy cotton blend instead of being thin and spandexy, but it's too short on me :sad:

    I've just been buying cotton bralettes and wearing them under regular tanks. The ones I get are Fruit of the Loom 3/$10 and they have different colors and types of straps. They give better support than the built-in bra tanks anyway...

  4. Lululemon.
  5. Target makes great ones. I live in them. They are mossimo.
  6. American Eagle makes great once, and they have a little bit of lace on the bottom so they don't look too athletic.
  7. Zara. They come in a rainbow of colors.
    No underwiring, but very comfortable.
  8. What about any a tank with a padding and more support? I'm a C/D but need the padding for 'no show through' and the support for the support!
  9. Express
  10. Haha, Costco sells them! They are by Lady Hathaway and come two to a pack. So comfy!
  11. new york and company! they are called "bodyshapers." i love them! they started cutting them longer in the past few months and they rock. there are also white ones and black ones that come in a longer than normal length too. i don't like the ones w/ the soft cup bras built in. they don't fit right.
  12. I actually love the World's Best Fitting Intimates support tanks from Wal-Mart. I wear one almost every day.
  13. I have these, too!