Support Group for crazy girls

  1. curious to know how many of you have made a first Birkin or Kelly purchase through a reseller or have solely bought from resellers?
    I have to tell you, my mind seems to never be at peace! how did you finally come to accept your new beauty as authentic?
    share your secret with me! because my mind just refuses to rest and i realize im driving everyone crazy.
    *the bag came from a very reputable seller who i did a ton of research on/googled, etc.
    *the quality of the bag is wonderful
    *no one, not even those i pm'ed in private had a bad thing to say about the reseller nor heard their name and the word "inauthentic" ever used in the same sentence
    *my initials were embossed on the bag by a craftsperson at Hermes
    *the SA's there were all complimenting the bag, unprovoked.
    *everyone's seen pictures
    *all the things i thought were weird are just normal Birkin/Hermes things
    *when i wear it i feel high/giddy, even.

    So you'd think I'd calm the :cursing: down, right? Ok, here's what goes through my mind as i compile this calm, factual list above:

    -they don't really know the seller. hardly anyone's bought from them on this forum.
    -i could be fooling myself with the idea of quality
    -the craftsperson must've been asleep on the job
    -the SA's don't know anything
    -the craftsperson in NYC will likely tell me what i seem to WANT to hear, which is that its not real.

    WHY do i want to hear THAT?? am i nuts?? :crybaby:

    anyway, so now i've hammered it into my head that i need to go see this Claude craftsperson in NYC to verify one more time that my bag is authentic beyond a shadow of a doubt. And i've devised a way of doing this by asking him if he can service my bag without even telling him what for just to get his reaction.

    i'm probably the worst customer a reseller has ever had. and i'm sorry that im so nuts about it. but surely theres got to be someone else out there who feels the way i do.

    Advice, girls??:sad:
  2. LOL - you're funny, Croissant, but I completely understand.....

    Now, I'm a little scared to answer this, as last time it caused me plenty of grief.....however......

    I am contemplating a purchase from this same reseller and I am not at ALL concerned about the authenticity, if that helps you at all? And I have NO affiliation with her (May I just state that loud and clear!!)...I know how you feel though....after I saw Sandiaexchange's fake vs. authentic pics on eBay, I was AMAZED at how good the fakes have become......

    I reckon you should take it to Claude and do what you suggested, but as for my two cents - it is def. the REAL THING...and FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. gf, thank you ;) it's funny because i want to tell you to go ahead- you'll be really happy with your purchase!! but look at me- i'm losing sleep here. she told me if this was going to be how i felt that i should just get it directly from H., and i thought i could handle it. and i guess in time i could, as long as it keeps passing these little tests. when will the tests end though, is what im wondering. i havent seen sandiaexchanges pics. may you direct me to them? yeah, i mean if mine is fake it has got to be the queen mother of fakes. super duper. but thats NOT good enough for me. not for $10k and not for $300. thats why im on this crazy mission that will rack my brain for a while.
  4. Ack, K! You :cursing:! LOL! Completely joking!!!:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: Your input has always been so helpful and appreciated!

    Croissant.. I really would not worry another second about your bag. I highly doubt the craftsman who did the stamping of your initials was asleep on the job otherwise your initials would have turned out back to front or something.:roflmfao: I think you are a worrier like my mom and you just look at all the worst possible scenarios. Even if you took it to Claude, your mind will start questioning that too and picking things apart. It's torture for you. Pls don't do this to yourself. :flowers: Enjoy your bag!
  5. i think Hermes, because of their albeit, alluring, but nonetheless torturous exclusivity, and resellers because they aren't Hermes proper, ought to supply unlimited supplies of prozac to their clients on an as-needed basis. :idea:
  6. you have assisted my obsessing haha! so i whipped out the bag and went to know, picture after picture. the zipper (no waves- very taught), the lock, the bottom of the bag, the handles, all checked out. i was a little worried about the stitching because its black on black so its not as obvious as the photo used. but the stitching looks a little thick so im assuming its what is referred to as 'double stitching". the accent over the e in Hermes isnt as obvious ly descending, its more of a mixture between the two pictures. from the left above the E to the right the accent descends but barely. its not a straight line like in the fake blue jean picture, but it almost is. also, the letters arent embossed into the bag as all. the letters dont weigh on the leather at all.
    is the interior stitching meant to be a bit sloppier?
  7. I didnt tell you how my addiction started with hermes.
    I was at college,worked at bookkeeping the same time and my fav. 2nd hand shop had a forest green trim 37!my dream was to own a HERMES so i went there and bought it...they guaranteed the authenticy...although i went to hermes and ask them..the SA said it looks fake!!!!i said it is impossible,so they called the store manager who verified the aithenticy but said it was an older modell therefore the SA couldnt recognise it!!!!this made me feel so insecure about the bag,so after i had the possibility to buy my birkin i sold the i really regret it but i am sure something else will come:smile:
  8. :wtf: that would freak me out. i would've disposed of the bag too.
  9. Croissant- Forgive me if I'm overstepping my bounds or making incorrect assumptions, but is the fact that your bag was shipped from Italy what's got you bugged? Did you ask the seller why it was sent from there? Did the explanation make sense?

    Also my understanding is that the craftsperson in BH is a star and has a stellar reputation. I don't think she was asleep when she placed the initials on your bag.
  10. not overstepping at all. i've pretty much opened up a can of worms here anyway. italy is maybe a part of it. i havent asked because i feel kind of bad still questioning already a month after the transaction has been completed. but really, ive been questioning since day 1 only because i'll never get the answer i want/need which is basically a video documentary of the birth of this bag :shame: from construction to being delivered to my front doorstep and every step in between. manuela is very nice. i dont really honestly think she was asleep either. i told you, im queen of paranoia. :angel:
  11. Hi Croissant,

    I think when you get your next bag you should get it directly from Hermes - don't you agree? You do have the bag, but you don't have the 'feeling' of owning an authentic Hermes bag. I think the fact that you bought through a reseller who on top of it shipped from another country spoiled the whole experience for you. Have a wonderful trip and please believe Claude that your bag is AUTHENTIC!!!!!
  12. i agree wholeheartedly. And i promise, if Claude doesn't tell me "im sorry its not our bag" or however he puts it and treats it as authentic, i'll hang up my spy uniform. next time it better be from Hermes directly and the next one will be a box leather 32 HAC or 35cm Birkin in a rich, fun color (just thinking of it makes me drool)
  13. The first bag I bought from a reseller, BEFORE coming here I might add, I thought was fake and freaked out....came here...asked for help, and was told my many, many people just from the pics that it was not an issue. And I believe them all! I would try to relax as I'm sure if there was a question, you would hear about from these experts in short order lol!! But I do agree, perhaps buying this way is just not for the future...if it causes you this much stress, you know? I don't mean to sound rude or anything, it's just that some people CAN handle it and others cannot, and it seems that you realize this is not a comfortable thing for you....I hope you can enjoy the bag!!
  14. What if you sell the bag and buy directly from Hermes? I think the extra money would be worth your piece of mind. Just my opinion.