supplements? boosting metabolism?

  1. Anything healthy to help me along the way?
  2. I don't know a whole lot on this topic...but I just wanted to mention that I HAVE heard that taking synthetic metabolism boosters is really really bad for you.

    Apparently once you stop taking them your metabolism gets all messed up and can't boost itself naturally anymore so you end up gaining LOTS of weight.

    In my opinion your best metabolism booster is a healthy breakfast every morning and a little exercise.

  3. well not mess with your thyroid or your are only asking for trouble!

    eat right and excerise, there is no healthy quick fix
  4. What about green tea? Read somewhere that it's supposed to help boost metabolism??? Anyway, if you eat a little bit every three to four hours, it'll rev up your metabolism...Just don't eat cheeseburgers, fries and pizza like I used to, LOL.
  5. Morning cardio is the way to go - it doesn't even have to be running, take a short trip to get your body working.

    Eat every 3 hours at least, it doesn't have to be big meals. Other than that there's not much you can do, unless you believe in "magic" methods.
  6. there are a couple safe, natural things you can do to increase your metabolism:

    1. a chromium supplement. i can't remember EXACTLY how it works, but i read about it in the "you - on a diet" book and they cited several studies about it. they also talked about fish oil supplements.
    2. make sure you drink your 8 glasses of water a day ICE COLD. the energy that your body uses to heat that water up to regular body temperature will help you burn up to 125 extra calories per day.
    3. eat something, even if it's very small, or drink a small glass of milk within 30 minutes of waking up. your metabolism for the day won't rev up until it has something to process, and waiting more than that 30 minutes will slow it down for the rest of the day, once it does get started. you'll notice that you'll be hungry again in about 2 hours - that's because your metabolism is actually burning and your body needs more calories.
  7. good tips - I didn't know that cold water was beneficial.
  8. Eat regularly, you can drink grapefruit juice to give your metabolism a natural boost. Also, one cup of coffee (but no more!) can also provide a bit of a boost.
  9. ^ i think opinions differ on the water - i have heard both that is working and that it is not.

    in general, I think that eating more often but little helps - the biggest mistake and myth is starving yourself. your metabolism will slow down and anything you eat will stay on. this has worked for me and I have lost 8 kilos that way - eating rather than not. (healthy eating of course)