Supple Sale Sightings?

  1. Has anyone seen any of the Supple (sp?) bags on sale?

    My SA said some were going on sale, to call her...I've left messages and so far have been ignored. :cry:

    It's going to be a few more days before I go in in person (Sak''s all we have and the CS sucks!!) and try to get some attention. So I thought if anyone has spotted any...I could do a charge-send from another location.

    I'd be ever so grateful for any 'spottings'! :flowers:
    Did I mention Sak's CS sucks?? :rant:
  2. Yep..that's the one! My SA indicated it would be going on sale and to call her. Not very helpful when they don't call you back!

    I guess I'll just have to hit the phones hard. Which the SA should be doing....:rant:
  3. Hey Leah,

    Just saw your post. I know that the Chanel in Vancouver had 2 of the souple style bags on sale. In Vancouver they only marked the pink down, but my SA did say that the States tend to be able to mark more bags down and a larger variety in color. So hopefully you are able to get the style and color you want!

  4. I'm just wondering what it takes to get the SA to call me back! I know I'm not a big-time buyer, but....I am wanting to spend some money with them!

    Your bag is gorgeous! I know you're going to love using it!
  5. Maybe you can talk to another SA? I'm sure that they won't mind helping you, since your SA is ignoring you. Is she off today? Maybe that's why she's not calling you back.
  6. Thnx LEah! Also, I agree with Honu, try and talk to another SA. Since your SA isn't being much of a help, forget about her for the moment and try someone else. You could always call another Chanel that is closeby to you and order from them.
  7. So...

    I called Sak's today while waiting for my daughter at the airport. Talked to a different SA. At first she said Sak's had never carried such a bag! I very clearly told her I had been in recently and had seen the very bags I was asking about. That I could understand perhaps not having any sale ones left, but that I was confused by her statement that they'd NEVER had any such bags. I had to really push for information. She puts me on hold. Comes back..oh yeah...they did have some. Sorry, but no sale bags left. I asked about the "regular" stock. Again, I had to really push for information. She described the two they had. I asked for prices. She replied "I don't keep prices in my head." Excuse me? If the bag is in front of you, can't you read the price tag?

    She put me on hold for a long time. Came back and gave me "approximate prices". She asked if I wanted to do a charge-hold. I responded that I wasn't very worried about them being sold, that I would be in in a day or two to have a look. I was about to ask her to do a company search for sale bags....she abruptly said "Okay, goodbye then" and hung up!

    I have HAD IT with CS..or rather, the lack Sak's! The last several times I have been in, it's been abysmal!

    If anyone can recommend a SA to deal with at Chanel..NOT Sak's!...and is willing to share the information, I'd greatly appreciate it!
  8. God, that is horrible CS! I've had to deal with some bad SAs recently, too. Looks like they're all tired from the sales.